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B&M becomes partner of RCCO World eX Championship

Schwabach/Landschlacht 05.11.2020 - B&M Marketing, as the exclusive marketer of brands like AUTO BILD, AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT, COMPUTER BILD and SPORT BILD, becomes a partner of the RCCO World eX Championship. #racingfortheclimate meets #allesaufwirkung

B&M Marketing Geschäftsleitung Stefan Müller Benjamin Schweppe Foto
#racingfortheclimate meets #allesaufwirkung - B&M becomes official world ex partner

B&M Marketing is proud to announce its partnership with the new RCCO World eX Championship, set to begin in early 2021. The innovative series sets a new standard in the world of motorsport and combines technical development and performance with communication - the perfect link for two main themes of racing.

World eX aims to promote sustainability and climate awareness and thereby offers a perfect platform for B&M Marketing to sharpen its focus on two major movements in automotive industry: e-Sport as well as electrification. According to its claim "Alles auf Wirkung"(All in for impact) B&M Marketing will connect the reach of its portfolio with World eX in order to share this important message to our B2B partners and in the end to our readers:

The automotive industry needs to change, it is already adapting and actively facing the new challenges and we offer the perfect channels to communicate this transformation to consumers.

"World eX will enrich the motorsport landscape with a groundbreaking and innovative format. Mike Rockenfeller and the RCCO team are demonstrating how motorsport competition can be combined with entertainment and sustainability. This is a very promising concept that we as media partners are happy to support. We are proud to be on board as a partner from the very beginning."

- Stefan Müller, managing director of B&M Marketing -

The chance to work with experienced brands and share the message of World eX adds more excitement in the build-up to the kick-off of the series.

"SPORT BILD, COMPUTER BILD, AUTO BILD and AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT traditionally offer their readers competent, quick and concise insights into the fascinating world of mobility, automobiles and motorsport. We are pleased to have these experienced brands on board as media partners."

- Jörg Walz, CMO and partner of RCCO E-Sport AG -

World eX on Social Media:

Twitter: @rccoworldex

Facebook: @rccoworldex

Instagram: @rccoworldex

YouTube: @rccoworldex

LinkedIn: @rccoworldex

About B&M Marketing GmbH:

Since 2001 B&M Marketing GmbH, based in Schwabach, is responsible for the ad sales and operations of several Axel Springer media brands. The main focus lies on the exclusive marketing of brands with a male readership and the topics mobility, technic and sports.

Its portfolio includes generalists with a broad audience, such as AUTO BILD, COMPUTER BILD and SPORT BILD, as well as innovative platforms (e.g. clever-tanken) and market-leading special-itnerest-magazines for topics such as motorsports, traveling, e-mobility, fleet-solutions, sportscars, 4x4 and classic cars.

Furthermore, the agency commercializes events and awards such as "Das Goldene Lenkrad", "SPORT BILD Award" or "Der Goldene Computer". From 2021 onwards, B&M Marketing will also organize and host the classic-car rallies "Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik" and "Bodensee-Klassik".

About the RCCO:

RCCO E-Sport AG is a start-up company that has set itself the goal of creating a unique esports project. The RCCO World eX Championship combines motorsport, entertainment and sustainability. The founders and CEOs of RCCO E-Sport AG are racing driver Mike Rockenfeller and Thomas Voigt, communication expert and founder of the “big small” electric racing series RCCO. The RCCO (Racing Concept Cars Organization) is the most popular slot car racing series in the world, which has been combining slot car racing with real motorsport since 1991. It is a driver of innovation with the help of exciting races, always future-oriented, promoter of technical innovations of all kinds, partner of exclusive key players of the automotive industry, playground of important personalities and a networking platform. The project #VisionRCCO enables future-oriented companies to test and promote innovations and new technologies, among them a self-driving slot car. In 2020, studies of e-sports cars of six different brands will start in the “big small” racing series. The RCCO E-Sport Series is a virtual one-make cup with the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo and the first RCCO activity in esports. During the COVID-19 lockdown, RCCO organized the #RaceHome Charity Racing Series with, among others, the participation of the six Audi DTM drivers.

Official RCCO E-Sport AG press release:


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